How many WordPress theme available on web? Do you have any idea? We trying our best to track out some professional theme which are free for everyone. A professional theme should not  be free but nowadays it’s an contest with wordpress theme designer. Yes, if you have knowledge about php, css you can make a theme more professional and even you can use the functionality of theme but the outlook will be your own design. Colors, fonts, widgets, ads placements, extra effects in link, menu bar, making seo friendly lots of fun inside wordpress theme.

See in below we listed some professional wordpress theme for you.

The Morning After WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

The Morning After is a magazine-style theme for WordPress created by Arun Kale. The theme was created based on a brief survey on the WordPress forums about what people would want to see in a unique magazine-style theme. As well as, it’s supporting widgets features, featured highlighting, logo customization, print friendly.

Grid Focus WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

WordPress Grid Focus is a three column WordPress theme created and distributed free of any dependence of WordPress plugins and designed by Derek . Convenient navigation bars can be found at the top and bottom of pages in order to provide your visitors with ample opportunity to continue exploring. Category archives are presented via a JavaScript shelf which can be found at the top of the page.

Illacrimo WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

A great three column theme for you called Illacrimo. Created by Design Disease, and released on LifeSpy. It is the third free theme that Bloggy Network has released. Illacrimo has a strong color set, that should appeal to many, and works well with the plugins we have included in the download file, or without.

Smashing WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

An highly professional wordpress theme which was released to wish the First Anniversary of smashing magazine. This theme is extremely popular and thousands of people using it.

UBD Moneymaker Theme WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

A professional theme for money making site. It’s and free theme with pro outlook and so user friendly. Easy to showing subscriptions and 125*125 ads supporting too. Lots of add attaching features. In below at footer location, easy to manage widgets.

Alexified WordPress Theme
›› [Demo] [Download]

A theme column based professional theme with simple outlook. Font size need to increase, otherwise its pro theme.

Premium WordPress Theme
›› [Demo] [Download]

An excellent WordPress theme, who wants to move his/her or wants to represent as a professional blogger and this theme is recommended. It’s fully customized for 125*125 ads and also you can use adsense, tab based features and header rss features and subscriptions also available.

Blog Oh Blog WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

Highly professional WordPress theme and supporting ads on header/sidebar with different size. Easy to surf pages and attach your own logo.

SandPress WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

An award winning wordpress theme which is designed by Arpit Jacob. The site’s css are extensible and everyone like this theme. Both purpose you can use.

Magadine Three Coulmn Magazine WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

Magadine a new stylish WordPress theme which is creating impressions like as Magazine style. Even it’s home page-inner pages-archives pages outlook fully different and fixed widget ready theme.

Silhouette WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]
Short Description: A three column plus widget ready theme which looks professional and designed by Brian. In maximum things looks professional but the search has some critical problems in different browsers.

Zoxengen WordPress Theme
›› [Demo] [Download]

Zoxengen wordpress theme is a 3 column widgetize theme with theme options. Theme post styling are also optimize with theme option backend global font configure. you can change the font and headline style anyway you like.

Mimbo Magazine WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

Want to maintain a magazine based website – you should try mimbo magazine wordpress templates. It’s outlook and actions all are professional magazine style.

Professional Ads WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

Ads WordPress Theme which is 2 or 3 column, widgets ready and highly optimized for google adsense which is designed by Eric. Even text-link ads or banner affiliate or header banner supportive. And theme also free for you.

Options WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

A great theme and with widget ready and higly customizable WordPress theme. You can manage your flicker photos, email subscriptions, tags, video or extra features, asides and so on.

Boxtube WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

The Box Tube WordPress theme was designed for bloggers focused on producing content involving technology, mobile, or gadget blogs. Aesthetically, the theme is extremely appealing as it features CSS-styled images, contrasting colors, and an overall clean look.

Timeline Digest WordPress Theme
›› [Demo] [Download]

A Professional theme which enabled lots of news features and easy to managing ads and perfect for money making sites. Overall, it’s professional.

GridLock WordPress Theme ›› [Demo] [Download]

One of the first WordPress themes to stray from the blog layout to something magazine-like, Gridlock has become legendary in itself, running in various forms on thousands of blogs.

SEO Green WordPress Theme = [Demo] [Download]

Higly search engine optimized wordpress theme with great design and designed by Prasanth. A seo based theme is user friendly and easy to get your site information insde search engine.

Note: If you having face any problem to download any theme – just let us know, we will send you through email. Hope you enjoy with us.

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