Tutorials | Adobe Flash & AS3 Tutorials Roundup

Time for another Flash and actionscript 3 Tutorials Roundup. Some AS3 programming tutorials, with cool animations or effects, and even creating a flash site from scratch. Hope that will help you to increase your flash designer and developer skills.

1 – 3D Particles Experiments in AS3 and Flash CS3

Four stunning 3D particle experiments by Dan Gries. A sphere separates into several spheres based on the particles color; particles revolve and tend to a gravity center; particles transition throughout a cube, and more. You can rotate and manipulate the particles in 3D.

2 – Bitmap Based Preloader

A detailed tutorial on how to create a preloader while also applying knowledge of BitmapData and Tween classes.

3 – Earth and Other Planets in 3D in Flash CS3 and AS3

In this experiment you will build a gallery of 3D textured planets, including Earth, Mars, Venus and others. The planets auto rotate or can be rotated in 3D by the user.

4 – Actionscript 3 Dragging Methods

This tutorial is all about dragging an object around the stage. You will learn different ways to implement dragging.

5 – Pagination in ActionScript 3

A small but useful tutorial about how to paginate objects in ActionScript 3.0. Taking a large group of objects, and making it so the user can navigate through them by page.

6 – Creating a Website Design From Scratch Part1 / Part 2

As the title says, in this 2 parts tutorial you will be creating a flash site from scratch and implement some effects and animations. The final result is a cool and colored full flash site.

7 – Using the TransitionManager Class in AS3

The TransitionManager Class provides ActionScript developers with 10 ready-made transition effects that can be applied directly onto any MovieClips. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about using the TransitionManager in ActionScript 3.0.

8 – Actionscript 3 Chain Explosion

If you ever want to develop for example games, you have to know how to create explosions etc. This tutorial teaches you how to create a chain reaction like seen in the movie above.

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